Manually Remove a User off the SQL Database in BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express 5.0

Posted: May 7, 2010 in Technology
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If you’ve ever removed a user off the BlackBerry Enterprise Server via the Administrator Web Console and have come to find that you’re no longer able to re-add the user this might help you:

  • Connect to the database from within the BES server (where BLACKBERRY is the name of your database instance, note it could be something else depending on your setup.)
C:\> sqlcmd -S .\BLACKBERRY
  • Dump a list of possible names:
1> use BESMgmt
2> select DisplayName from UserConfig
3> go
Changed database context to 'BESMgmt'.
Carlos Serpa
(1 rows affected)
  • Remove the desired user:
1> use BESMgmt
2> delete from UserConfig where DisplayName="Carlos Serpa"
3> go
Changed database context to 'BESMgmt'.
(1 rows affected)
  • Exit:
1> exit
  1. Doni says:

    do you know how to add BES / BES Express user directly to database?

  2. Fred says:


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