You get the following error when trying to start the DHCP service in a Read-Only Domain Controller within Windows 2008 2008/R2 server:

The DHCP Server service terminated with the following error:

The request is not supported.


The DHCP service was unable to create or lookup the DHCP Users local group on this computer.  The error code is in the data.


Since the Read-Only DC can’t write back to Active Directory in order to create the DHCP Administrators/Users security groups the service local DHCP service in the RO DC fails to start.

In order to remedy this you need to install the DHCP role within a regular R/W DC and replicate the data to the R/O DC. Once that happens you’re able to start the service. This only applies to DCs that will be hosting the first DHCP server in a Forest and happens to be an RODC.

In my case I have a total of 4 DCs in different sites but only my datacenters have R/W DCs, my regular offices have R/O DCs. Since there is no need for my servers at the datacenter to grab IPs from a DHCP server I installed the role (in order to create the security groups) in a R/W DC and then I stopped and disabled the service within that DC.


My work Lenovo T61 comes loaded with an Intel Pro Wireless 4965 (iwl4965 and iwlagn), so we will need specific pieces of software to get it going. First we need to ensure we have the RPMForge Repo installed, the following should be run for RHEL/CENTOS 5 x86 systems:

rpm -Uhv ; yum clean all ; yum update

Followed by:

yum install iwl4965-firmware

Your wireless device should be working now. Enable NetworkManager to use it. In the CLI:

chkconfig NetworkManager on
service NetworkManager start

You may want to disable the start of your network at boot time, since you won’t need it anymore. For this, simply do:

chkconfig network off

I’m an RHCE!

Posted: May 11, 2009 in Uncategorized

I didn’t really post this in time since I received my congratulary email days ago… but I passed the RHCE with a 100% score. Yay for studying.


Posted: April 30, 2009 in Uncategorized

This is my first post as I prepare for my last day of studying before the RHCE exam tomorrow. Today was the last day of classroom training and needless to say it’s somewhat nerve wracking. So with that being said I will end this first post with recommendations to any future RHCE seekers, if able, to take the RAPID test (RH300) with the exam at the end of training week. I learned a lot and I considered myself knowledgeable (in some areas) already.